Burmese Khaosuey Recipe

Ingredient :Cauliflower(50 Grams), Carrot(50 Grams), Cabbage(50 Grams), Potatoes(50 Grams), Zucchini(30 Grams), Ginger(20 Grams), Onion(50 Grams), Garlic(20 Grams), Spring onion(20 Grams), Coriander leaves(20 Grams), Peanuts(30 Grams), Lemon(2 PCS), Butter(100 Grams), Sugar(20 Grams), Broth powder(10 Grams), Curry powder(10 Grams), Coconut milk powder(150 Grams), Turmeric powder(10 Grams), Pepper(5 Grams), Salt(3 Grams), Oregano(5 Grams), Chilli flakes(5 Grams), Chilli Powder(10 Grams), Cooking oil(200 ML), Rice(20 Grams).

Procedure: 1): Boil Cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, potatoes with a pinch of salt and turmeric. 2): Make a puree with the boiled vegetables Keep aside. 3): Make another paste with Onion, Garlic and ginger. 4): Add Butter to a deep base pan, add the onion, garlic and ginger paste to it. cook until done. 5): Add the vegetable puree to it and cook until done. 6): Add chilly powder, madras curry powder, salt, sugar, broth powder, haldi powder and cook. 7): Add water and bring it to a boil and add coconut milk powder and cook until thickens. 8): Serve hot with steamed rice and condiments.

Caesar Salad Recipe

Ingredient: Lettuce(100 Grams), Cucumber(100 Grams), Tomatoes(75 Grams), Onions(50 Grams), Red yellow bell peppers(50 Grams), Mayonnaise(30 Grams), Mustard(10 Grams), Salt (1 Grams), Pepper(2 Grams), Sun dried tomatoes(10 Grams), Cheese(30 Grams), Olives(10 Grams), Bread(2 Pcs).

Procedure: 1): Add Lettuce, Cucumber, Onions, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers to a bowl. 2):Add the seasonings. 3): Mix in the mayonnaise and mustard. 4):Garnish with sun dried tomatoes, cheese, olives and bread crumbs. Serve

Melting Cheese Recipe

Ingredient :Burger bun(1 no), Butter(40 Grams), Garlic(50 Grams), Parsley(10 Grams), Salt(1 Grams), Processed cheese(150 Grams).

Procedure: 1): Slice The burger bun into 5 slices. 2): Spread the butter, Parsley and Garlic mixture over the slices. 3): Fill the slices with cheese, roast under a salamander. 4): Serve when the cheese melts and turns a little golden brown.

Supreme Oriental Soup Recipe

Ingredient: Baby Corn(20 Grams), Mushroom(20 Grams), Tomatoes(20 Grams), Celery(5 Grams), Garlic(5 Grams), Green chilly(2 Grams), Spring Onion(5 Grams), Chili sauce(5 Grams), Tomato sauce(10 Grams), Salt(1 Grams), Pepper(2 Grams), Aromatic Seasoning(5 Grams), Corn flour(20 Grams).

Procedure:1): Add oil to the wok. 2): Put chopped Garlic, Celery, Green chilly to the oil. Stir fry for a few seconds. 3): Add chopped baby corn and tomatoes. Stir fry for a few seconds. 4): Add water and seasonings. Boil. 5): Add Tomato and chili sauce as needed. 6): Add Mushrooms and Spring onion for garnish Serve.

Poto Lata Recipe

Ingredient: Potatoes(300 Grams), Cheese(100 Grams), Cream(50 ML), Maida(50 Grams), Butter(20 Grams), Milk(100 ML), Cooking oil(200 ML), Oregano(4 Grams), Chilli flakes(4 Grams), Salt (2 Grams).

Ingredient: 1): Deep Fry the potato sticks, spread it over a plate. 2): Make a sauce with butter, salt, maida, cream, milk and cheese. 3): Pour the sauce over the fried potato sticks. Garnish with oregano and chilly flakes. Serve

Thai Golden Basket Recipe

Ingredient: Rice flour(100 Grams), Maida(50 Grams), Corn flour(50 Grams), Cooking oil(300 ML), Potatoes(100 Grams), American corn(100 Grams), Green chilly(20 Grams), Red chilly(20 Grams), Dhania(20 Grams), Peanuts(20 Grams), Salt(2 Grams), Sugar(50 Grams), Butter(50 Grams), Vinegar(10 ML).

Procedure:1): Make a batter with rice flour, maida, corn flour. 2): Make baskets by shallow frying the batter. 3): Make the filling, cut potatoes into small cubes and boil. 4): Make a paste from green chillies and fresh coriander leaves. 5): Add butter, boiled potatoes, corn, chilly and coriander paste, salt, pepper in a wok. Mix well. 6): Add the filling to the baskets. Garnish with fresh coriander, diced chilly, broken peanuts. Serve

Crackling Spinach Recipe

Ingredient: Spinach(1 Kg), Corn flour(100 Grams), Garlic(20 Grams), Sugar(10 Grams), Salt(2 Grams), Red chilly(5 Grams), Cooking Oil(500 ML).

Procedures: 1): Add oil to a heavy based frying vessel. 2): Chop the spinach and add corn flour. Deep fry. 3): In a pan add oil, garlic and chilly. Stir fry for a few seconds. 4): Add the fried spinach, sugar and salt. Serve

Blueberry Cheese Cake Recipe

Ingredient: Mascarpone cheese(100 Grams), Cream(50 Grams), Digestive biscuits(100 Grams), Blueberry(100 Grams), Condensed milk(100 Grams), Sugar(50 Grams), Agar(6 TBSP)

Procedure: 1): Beat mascarpone cheese, cream, condensed milk in a bowl. 2): Grind the biscuits and mix with butter and spread evenly on the base of cake mould. 3): Add Gelatine to hot water and mix well. 4): Beat in the gelatine mixture to the Cake batter and spread evenly over in the mould. Keep aside in a refrigerator to set. 5): Once set, Remove the mould and top it with blueberries. Serve

BBQ Cottage Cheese Stix Recipe

Ingredient :Paneer(150 Grams), Corn flour(50 Grams), Cooking oil(200 ML), Garlic(300 Grams), Green chilly(10 Grams), Red chilly(10 Grams), Tomato sauce(50 Grams), Salt(1 Grams), Pepper(2 Grams), Aromatic Seasoning(5 Grams).

Ingredient :1): Cut long cubes of cottage cheese. Poke in with a tooth pick for picking up. 2): Coat the sticks in cornflour and deep fry. Remove and arrange on a plate. 3): Add oil to a wok add garlic, green chillies, chilly sauce, tomato sauce, salt, pepper and seasoning to it. Mix Well. 4): Add corn flour to thicken. Serve with sauce over the fried sticks of paneer.

Red hot Chili Pepper Oriental Veggie Recipe

Ingredient: Cauliflower(100 Grams), Red yellow bell pepper(50 Grams), Carrot(50 Grams), Cabbage(50 Grams), Spring Onion(50 Grams), Celery(10 Grams), Spinach(250 Grams), Potatoes(150 Grams), Paneer(200 Grams), Rice /noodles(100 Grams), Cooking oil(150 ML), Onion(100 Grams), Garlic(50 Grams), Green chilly(10 Grams), Ginger(10 Grams), Tomato sauce(50 Grams), Chilli sauce(30 ML), Aromatic Seasoning(5 Grams), Pepper(3 Grams), Salt(2 Grams).

Procedure: 1): Add oil to a pan, add garlic, celery, ginger, green chilly and stir for a few seconds. 2): Add Chilly sauce, tomato sauce, Aromatic powder, salt and pepper. 3): To the sauce add Fried Cauliflower, paneer, bell peppers, carrot, onion. Mix well 4): Add Rice or noodles on a sizzler plate over a cabbage leaves bed. 5): Spread over with the sauce garnished with spring onions. 6): Give spinach and fried potatoes on the sides over the sizzler. Serve

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